NEW DELHI- Afghan President Hamid Karzai made a brief visit to Gurgaon, located about 20km from South West New Delhi to meet his wife and newborn daughter at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute. The child was born on Tuesday morning.

Afghanistan's ambassador to India Shaida Mohammad Abdali said "The baby girl was born around 9:30 am on Tuesday. Both the mother and her baby daughter are doing quite well." Abdali said that the president had a very short visit to the hospital during his brief stay in New Delhi.

"Both the president and the first lady enjoyed a few moments together with their newly born baby-daughter," the ambassador added.

On choosing Gurgaon as the place for the delivery of their third child, Abdali had said that the president's two other beautiful children were born in Afghanistan. "In this case, however, due to some predictable medical complication, the specialized doctor in Afghanistan advised that the baby be delivered in India given the availability of specialized medical facilities and personnel." he added.

He further said "We're thankful to the hospital's excellent medical staff for their superb services, as well as to the hospital's management team. And we're grateful to the Indian government for their support with everything, including facilitating the hospitalization process."