ISLAMABAD- PTI Chairman, Imran Khan demanded today that  Justice (Retired) Rana Bhagwandas, a highly respected and credible judge, not be humiliated by being appointed as a powerless Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) as before.

In a statement, Imran Khan asserted that unless the other four Election Commissioners are also appointed in a transparent and truly consultative manner without any political affiliations, the CEC will not be able to assert the independence and transparency of the ECP.

Khan reminded that "we saw this in the last elections when PTI fell victim to massive rigging or as is now popular coinage as "punctures”. The helpless CEC was unable to control the active bias of the Election Commissioner, especially in Punjab, which remains controversial even today."

Khan also expressed concerns over the fact that the PTI, despite being the second largest national party, was not consulted in the appointment of the four Election Commissioners and only nominally consulted in the case of the CEC.

PTI Chairman reiterated that a credible citizen like Mr Bhagwandas, who has served the country with dedication in a long illustrious career, should not be humiliated by being placed as a powerless head of the ECP which has yet to function in an independently assertive and transparent manner to make truly fair and free elections possible.

Imran Khan made it clear that PTI will not accept a biased and weak ECP headed by a powerless CEC and politically-biased Election Commissioners, some of whom intervened directly to undermine the fair and transparent electoral process on the polling day itself.