ISLAMABAD - The price of the LPG is likely to come down by up to Rs10 per kg within ten days following enhancement in local production, says LPG Distributors Association.

“The local production’s volume is expanding with new supplies including 450 metric from a MOL field, which will be followed by another production of 80 metric ton from Sanjuro field soon,” the association’s Chairman Irfan Khokhar told. He was of the view production from several other fields were also expected to be added to the LPG market and total production would go up by more 530 metric ton by June, this year.Thus, with the massive local supply, the price of LPG would decrease further, and in future no question arose about hiking prices of the commodity, he added.

He said the decline in transportation cost of the LPG was also expected, resulting in low retail price since each major zone or area had its own LPG producing fields, which would help cater to the local consumers’ demand and there would be no need to transport the commodity to other areas.

He also appreciated the government measures for extending relief to LPG consumers, saying as a result of the government’s prudent policies the two major LPG producing companies- Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pak Arab Refinery Company (PARCO) kept their base stock prices unchanged at Rs 75,000 per ton for this month.

However, he called upon the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to take action against unethical LPG business elements that were fleecing the consumers.

He was of the view the LPG was mainly used as burning fuel by people in remote areas and rising trend in its price put extra burden on their pockets.

He also dispelled the impression regarding shortage of LPG, saying there was adequate stock available for masses’ requirements and any raise in its price would be unfair and unjustified.  He assured that the LPG association would be fully co-operating with the government by presenting workable proposals to resolve issues for promoting LPG to extend immediate relief to consumers who were already faced with high prices of daily-use commodities.  He said many investors were making efforts to open LPG auto gas stations, replacing the CNG in order to provide environment-friendly and safe fuel to consumers.

“We have high hopes from government to take effective steps for provision of relief to common people by promoting the LPG and opening its filling stations, across the country,” he observed.  He also underlined the need for taking solid steps to explore indigenous hydrocarbon resources to effectively tackle the energy challenges confronting the country.