ISLAMABAD- President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain said, that the Women’s Day is observed with a reaffirmation of the commitment towards safeguarding women’s rights and facilitating them in every possible way. They have a right to live equally as humans.

The President today said, the day also serves to raise greater awareness about the issues of the women and highlights their critical role in the sustained developmental process. It is indeed heartening to note that the long and valiant struggle of the women for their rights had resulted into achieving significant milestones and a visible prominence of the women in every walk of life was seen.

The Presdient said, ‘I therefore wish to congratulate the women across the world and especially in Pakistan on this occasion and wish them even brighter future and greater prospects in the days to come.”

Mamnoon Hussian said, ‘The Protection of the women and their rights is enjoined by our religion and is also enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan is committed to not only protect the women from all sorts of exploitations and marginalization but is also committed to provide them with equal opportunities and a level playing field where they are able to grow and excel in every sphere of life according to their capabilities. We are implementing Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in its true letter and spirit. A number of steps including pro-women legislation and efforts aimed at socio-economic betterment and empowerment of the women clearly reflect the commitment of the state towards the cause of the women and assuring their participation in every sphere of life.  These efforts will indeed continue.”

“The task of safeguarding and ensuring Women Rights however requires a strong partnership of the Government and the people. It needs efforts at individual as well as collective level. I, therefore, call upon the civil society, NGOs, volunteers, philanthropists, international development partners, media, corporate sector and particularly the women themselves to come forward and play role towards complementing Government’s efforts towards this noble cause.” the President stated. 

Mamnoon Hussain said, ‘On this occasion while reaffirming our pledge towards championing the cause of women and promotion of their rights in the country, I would also like to appreciate UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Media for their endeavors in supplementing the Government’s efforts to create conducive environment for the women in the country. I hope they will continue pursuing this important mission with the same zeal and spirit. I am confident that with our continued focus on the issues of the women, especially those living in the far-flung and remote areas; we would be able to contribute significantly towards ameliorating their plight and giving them a better and brighter future.”