A fake pir (spiritual healer) burnt lips and nose of a woman during his novel way of treatment.

As per details, Tehmina Bibi, a resident of village 53/SB contracted an unknown disease after giving birth to a baby. Despite hectic efforts the disease could not be ascertained. However, her family took her to a fake pir namely Amil Mureed in the village. Upon examination, the spiritual healer told the family that the woman had been overpowered by supernatural powers like ghost and she would be healthy again as a result of his spiritual treatment. During the course of treatment he burnt her lips and nose through excessive heat and smoke. In the meanwhile, when her condition turned critical Amil Mureed managed to escape from the scene. Later, the family took her to a city hospital where she was admitted. Meanwhile, known Physiatrist Shamas Ahmed Khan said that the woman was only a psychic patient and not haunted by any supernatural forces. He said that the fake pir had misguided the family only to extort money in the name of so-called treatment.