ISLAMABAD-The long-neglected dilapidated and bumpy roads leading towards Bari Imam Shrine have become a constant nuisance for the residents and visitors but their repeated complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

A number of residents of Noorpur Shahan (known as Bari Imam) urged the departments concerned to ensure timely re-carpeting of the area roads to provide them smooth and uninterrupted mobility.  Adeeb, a local resident, said that there were two routes leading to Bari Imam. First enters the area from Red Zone, restricted for public transport vehicles, while the second access is from Murree Road. “Both the routes require to be repaired immediately”, he said.

Another resident, Shafique, said, “The entire capital’s roads are being carpeted and repaired but nobody owns this area for unknown reasons. I myself contacted departments concerned but they come up with lame excuses”.

The humiliation did not end here, he said, as the roads being dug up for laying fibber optics a couple of years ago could not be repaired. A daily commuter urged the authorities to start development work as thousands of devotees from across the country daily visit the shrine to pay homage to Bari Imam Sarkar.

The residents also demanded expansion of these roads and removal of illegal kiosks causing traffic jams on the shrine’s main artery.