LAHORE - In the very first glance it appears that an angry mob has blocked the Zaraar Shaheed Road to press for their demands. Hardly any outlet or sale point is clearly seen unless spied out carefully. Sixty feet wide road seems to have been swallowed by 'Thailas and 'Rehris which occupy the road on both sides as it passes in between the Block-A and Block-B. This is the gloomy picture of encroachments at Al-Faisal Town, a suburban locality of the provincial metropolis, situated at the adjacent to New Airport Road, Harbanspura Road and Barki Road near Joray Bridge. It is a residential area lodging almost 50,000 people is deprived of almost all the basic facilities of life including government high school for boys or girls, civil hospital or emergency, medical centre, police beat and others facilities as well. It is replete with problems, but the most serious problem faced by the people of the area is the ever-growing encroachments. There are three strips of markets on each side of Zaraar Shaheed Road; shops along the streets; stalls in front of the shops; carts on the edge of the road on both sides which have occupied a part of the road too. Building material, sale points, storeys with their piles of sand and tables, chicken butchers freely keeping cages on the road-side, vegetables and fruit thaila have practically made the road un-passable for pedestrians on either side of the road, which is certainly now a paradise for the encroachers, beyond any exaggeration. Long traffic jams and road blockage is frequent seen particularly on the part of Zaraar Shaheed Road and there seems to be no remedy for it except waiting long interval. Almost all the alleys and streets that lead to inside of the Block-A and B are blocked by vegetables, fruits, vendors, as well as by chicken-sellers. Chargha shops, burger stalls and juice sale point do the rest of the work. The city district government officials have come to this area about a couple of years before and cleaned the entire area. Since then nobody felt any need to visit this side, an elderly resident told this scribe. Talking to TheNation Lahore Cantonment Board (LCB) Chief Sanitary Inspector Sabir Hussain said Zaraar Shaheed Road did not falls in the jurisdictions of LCB but interestingly when this scribe visited LCB website the aforesaid road was mentioned in the precincts of LCB falling from Dharampura and turns nearby Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club. We are unable to understand why the governmental machinery is reluctant to discharge their duties honestly for what they are paid from public taxes.