KARACHI - Efficient use of electricity is extremely important for the country as it can save 30-40 per cent energy. This was stated by Chairman, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Eng Tahir Saleem at a seminar held by Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) on Electrical Energy Conservation. In his presentation, Tahir said that Pakistan has paid very little attention to the efficient use of energy in industrial sector, however, present energy crisis has forced us for efficient use of energy particularly electrical energy to reduce operating cost and improve profitability and help to reduce impact of loadshedding. Tahir informed the participants that Europe is saving 13 per cent energy by using various devices and tips for the last five years. He added that efficient use of energy can reduce world energy needs in 2050 by one third. He pointed out that faulty and ageing motors and similar gadgets are the mainly responsible for wastage of energy and by repairing and replacing these gadgets can save electricity consumption by 50 per cent. Use of electronic ballasts in place of conventional choke saves energy up to 20 percent. Use of CFL lamps in place of GLS lamp can save energy up to 70 percent while regular maintenance can save energy, use of 36 or 28w tube light can save, use of sodium vapors lamps, for area lighting in place of mercury vapor lamp can save electricity up to 40 per cent, he informed. Earlier, the Chairman, KATI, Razzak Hashim Paracha advised the industrialists to adopt latest techniques and measures to save power consumption on wake of ever-increasing utilities charges. The exorbitantly increased power rates and POL prices by the present government has made compelled the industrialist to shut down, Paracha said adding that power conservation and economic drive can be effective in saving overheads and reduce cost of doing business.