Asserting that both Pakistan and the United States need each other, Islamabads envoy in Washington said the two countries can address current security challenges and unforeseen future problems only through a long-term consistent partnership.Speaking to members of the American Committees on Foreign Relations at the Pakistani embassy on Thursday, Ambassador Husain Haqqani argued that friendship is not an event but a process that goes on a regular basis. We are both very important countries to one another. American security depends on Pakistans ability to root out terrorism and to (help) stabilize Afghanistan, he remarked. Pakistan will work with the United States in bringing the fight against terrorism to a good conclusion in which we manage to make the world a safer place, the ambassador added. He particularly highlighted the interconnectedness of nations in the fast-globalizing world and said Pakistan and the United States are fostering a sustained partnership in contrast with transactional nature of relationship in the past. Stressing the importance of sustained relations, Haqqani cited the immediate post-cold war scenario, saying after the cold war, people celebrated the defeat of communism and books were written to describe the event as the end of history. But history did not end there. Something else came up. Nobody had predicted that terrorism is going to become a global challenge. And, so, we dont know what the next challenge is going to be. So we both need long-term partnership and friendship. You cannot have bouts of engagements followed by bouts of isolation, he told the gathering of scholars, experts, academia and students who will attend an annual national conference in Washington on Friday. Terrorists, he said, are enemies not just of Americans but all of civilization. Ambassador Haqqani noted that a balance in expenditures on military and diplomatic efforts could greatly help America in preventing conflict situations. Reverting to bilateral ties, the ambassador said Pakistan and the United States, both are democracies and have a shared interest in peace and security in the region. Pakistan, he said, paid a heavy price in the fight against terrorism as the nation lost its most popular leader and former prime minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Even when we have differences as nations, governments and states, we still are partners because we share fundamental values of democracy and freedom. We are together. Our enemies are essentially poverty, hunger, disease, extremism, intolerance and terrorism. And those are enemies we can all fight together. Friendship is not an event, it is a process, it is something that goes on a regular basis. All those in America who take interest in the world have an obligation to make sure that others understand how what happens in rest of the world is relevant to their life and how their security always begins with friendship and relationship.