DAYS after an Indian diplomat was arrested on espionage charges, a top Indian army officer has now come under intelligence scanner for spying for Pakistan, reported Zee News on Thursday. Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) was alerted nearly one month back about the suspicious activities of an army major - posted in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands - alleged to have passed some confidential information to Pakistan. The tip off about the army majors espionage activities were provided by the US intelligence agencies to their Indian counterparts. Subsequently, the Ministry began a sensitive counter-intelligence operation and started keeping a tight vigil on army officers activities. Armys intelligence wing moved swiftly after the tip-off and called the officer to New Delhi. It has been reported that the intelligence officials, after analysing the bulk of data and emails send from the officers computer towards Pakistan, picked him and the officer was put in 'safe custody of the Military Intelligence (MI). During the initial interrogation, the officer in question has pleaded ignorance of the traffic directed from his computer to Pakistan alleging that it could have been generated by some virus or unknown software. The officers theory failed to convince the MI officials in view of the fact that his computer was recently formatted and cleaned of all contents. Initial forensic examination done on his computer content in New Delhi had also revealed that some classified information had been sent to Pakistan. I do not have any information yet. I will have to find the details and then can get back to you, army spokesperson Col S Om Singh was quoted as saying by the report.