ISLAMABAD Commenting on the statement of Attorney General of Pakistan regarding reopening of the Swiss cases, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan on Thursday said that the amount deposited in the Swiss banks belonged to the Pakistani nation and no one would be allowed to swallow it. Imran said that the Supreme Court had endorsed the stance of the PTI by declaring the executives role in the appointment of judges as attack on the independence of judiciary. He expressed these views while talking to the central media cell of his party here. He said it had always been the stand of his party that only an independent judiciary could ensure the real democracy and transparent accountability in the country. The present Government, he said, is afraid of the independent judiciary. Most of the Cabinet ministers and the Presidency are involved in corruption. He reiterated that he would not allow anyone to launch attack on the independence of judiciary. About Faisal Shahzads case, he said it would be premature to comment on it. However, it could also be a part of the American strategy to pressurise Pakistan Army for action in North Waziristan, he added. The PTI Chairman was of the view that the present foreign policy was an extension of Musharrafs policy under which Pakistans sovereignty had been mortgaged to the US.