ISLAMABAD A pig on Wednesday suddenly appeared outside the Supreme Court building and injured seven people including three cameramen of the private TV channels, who were standing before main entrance of the court. According to details, around 10 am the aforementioned pig came there and attacked the cameramen first, who were performing their duties to cover the SC proceedings and then also attacked on four other pedestrians. Later, the pig managed to escape from the scene. The critical injured were shifted to the Polyclinic Hospital, Islamabad. The condition of three injured cameramen namely Kashif, Waqt TV, Naeem and Nasir was declared satisfactory. Mehmood and Zulfiqar, the two pedestrians, and two drivers of the senior advocates of Supreme Court also among the critical injured. It is relevant to mention here that this is not first such incident but it was a rare incident in the daytime. Often, after 12am the pigs used to appear on the main avenues of the Capital City and caused accidents. Third Avenue leading to Qaud-i-Azam University is famous for such incidents.