LAHORE While the dual standards of the PML-N, which takes credit for its principled politics, have come to surface regarding its policy on award of party tickets to legislators having fake degrees, the PPP has deemed it fit to question some court decisions, accusing the judiciary of delivering biased verdicts in the case of its prospective candidates for the coming by-elections. It has now become crystal clear that PML-N leadership is following two different policies on the question of awarding party tickets to those who had to resign from their Assembly seats under pressure from courts for having bogus degrees. While those belonging to the PML-Q forward bloc are being awarded party tickets for the upcoming by-elections despite having fake degrees, it has devised a different policy for its own party men who resigned recently under similar charges, as they are not being considered for the purpose. The PML-N has so far awarded party tickets to three PML-Q legislators who contested last election by deceiving the Election Commission of Pakistan. They include Aazam Chaila from Jhang, Muhammad Ajmal Asif from Faisalabad and Naghma Mushtaq from Lodhran (Multan). Of these, Aazam Chaila has already been returned to Punjab Assembly for the second time. He had contested 2008 general election on PML-Q ticket, but later joined the forward bloc being supported by the PML-N. He resigned from his Assembly seat fearing an adverse court verdict for having a fake degree, but the PML-N welcomed him in the party fold by awarding him party ticket. He is now member of Punjab Assembly because the condition of graduation for prospective legislators has now been abolished, and the court also allowed him to contest for the second time. Muhammad Ajmal Asif, another turn coat, has been awarded PML-N ticket from PP-63 (Faisalabad). His rival candidate, Rana Aftab Ahmad of PPP challenged his nomination papers in the Lahore High Court, but the court rejected Ranas plea on the ground that he should have challenged Ajmals qualification with the Returning Officer. Now Supreme Court is hearing this petition. The PML-N has also awarded ticket to another member of PML-Q forward bloc, Naghma Mushtaq from PP-206 (Lodhran). She is contesting against Mujtaba Gilani, brother of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. The PML-Ns policy with regard to his own party men is, however, different. It has been decided in principle that none of the party legislators having fake degree would be awarded ticket in the by-elections. There are reports that there is difference of opinion within the party about a clear policy with regard to such alleged cheats. A PPP leader has alleged that it is not only the PML-N, the courts are also allegedly excercising dual standards about the fake degree holders. 'While there is one law for PPP ticket holders there is another for the PML-N candidates, said Usman Saleem Malik, PPPs Punjab Deputy Secretary while talking to The Nation on Thursday. He said the courts have so far disqualified only the PPP ticket holders from contesting by-elections. He gave the examples of two PPP candidates, Nazir Jatt and Allah Wasaya, who have been disqualified from contesting by-elections for not having genuine degrees. He pointed out that three PML-N candidates, Muhammad Ajmal Asif, Naghma Mushtaq and Aazam Chaila also possessed fake degrees, but courts have allowed them to contest the coming by-elections. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take notice of this discrepancy in the court decisions. Unlike the PML-N, the PPP has a clear policy about fake degree holders. 'The people should decide whether a fake degree holder should represent them in the Assembly or not, maintained PPPs General Secretary Jehangir Badr while talking to the media a week back. Interestingly, the PML-Q leadership did not face this dilemma. All its legislators who resigned recently either got a ticket from PPP or PML-N. The PML-Ns spokesperson, Senator Pervaiz Rashid was not available for comment when this scribe contacted him on his cell phone for his version. 'Sorry, I am in Singapore, responded the Senator through an SMS in response to a call by this correspondent. It is to be mentioned here that so far nine Parliamentarians belonging to different parties have resigned for fear of getting disqualified from courts. They are: Rauf Khalid (PPP), Haji Nasir Mahmood (PML-N), Muhammad Ajmal Asif (PML-Q), Naghma Mustaq (PML-Q), Mir Badshah Khan Qaisrani (PML-N), Rana Mubashir Iqbal (PML-N), Allah Wasaya (PPP), Nazir Jatt (PPP) and Amjad Dasti (PPP). Aazam Chaila of PML-Q also resigned but he has been re-elected in by-election. At least seven other legislators are facing similar charges in courts of law. They include: Ch Abdul Ghafoor (PML-N), Haji Zulfiqar (PML-N), Mian Tariq Mahmood (PML-Q), Raheela Khadim Hussain (PML-N), Farah Deeba (PML-N) and Shagufta Sheikh (PML-N).