LAHORE - Scattered rain in different parts of country brought a considerable relief to masses from the scorching heat as well as the sever loadshedding because water level has improved in the reservoirs. The rain after dust storm in different parts of country proved a blessing for the masses and dams, as thermal generation increased considerably due to rain, which also reduced the shortfall of electricity to a considerable extent. Some couple of weeks ago, the power shortfall stood at 5000 Mega Watt, which according to the officials, has reduced to 2238 Mega Watt on Thursday due to increase in hydroelectric generation. High shortfall was the cause of sever loadshedding during last couple of weeks but currently generation of electricity has been reported 11752 Mega Watt against the demand of 13990 Mega Watt which confirmed the reduced shortfall at only 2238 Mega Watt. As hydel generation is 4025 Mega Watt, thermal 2569 Mega Watt, independent power projects (IPPs) produced 5077 Mega Watt and rental power projects (RPPs) provided only 81 Mega Watt to the system. Meteorological office also predicted more rains in Khayber Pakhtunkhwar, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir and North Lahore for the next 24hours. On Thursday, the people were given a sigh of relief as the authorities reduced some four hours power breakdown as compared to routine loadshedding. On Thursday night the Meteorological office mentioned the Tarbela water inflow at 63, 500 cusecs, outflow at, 61, 000 cusecs and of Mangla inflow 52, 345 cusecs along with its outflow at 40, 000 cusecs.