Terming terrorism as the "most potent threat" to global peace, Pakistan Friday said the lasting solution of the problem lies in "eliminating its root causes". "The most potent threat to global peace emanates from terror. We are committed to challenging extremism... we remain steadfast against the challenge of terrorism, we remain convinced that lasting solution requires elimination of root causes," Pakistan's high commissioner to India Shahid Malik said here. He was speaking at the screening of a documentary on Taliban in Pakistan, reported PTI. "We believe that terrorism stems from denial of justice and deep sense of humiliation. We must also look at these issues also and not just focus on one thing while ignoring the others," the Pakistani diplomat said. Pakistan had suffered heavy losses as the "front-line state in war against terror," Malik said adding, "Pakistan has suffered the most. Besides the loss of life, in financial terms, losses have been estimated by independent analysts to be over $35 billion over the last eight years." The Pakistani high commissioner said his country has been a victim of terrorism sponsored from outside in the bomb blasts in early 90s. He, however, did not elaborate. Commenting on the genesis of terrorism in Pakistan, Malik said, "We inherited terrorism in the wake of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, while we won the war, we lost the peace." On the recent Pakistan Army operations against Taliban there, he said, "a multi pronged operation called Raah-e-Nijaat in South Waziristan has been successfully completed. Militants suffered heavy losses and those who survived, fled the area. Their tunnels, hideouts and infrastructure have been destroyed."