In a tight contest, Opposition Conservative party was on course to emerge as Britains single largest party in the 2010 general elections by winning 163 of the 325 seats declared and the Labour running second with 123 seats. For the first time, an Indianorigin woman enters the House of Commons with Conservative candidate Priti Patel being declared elected from the Witham constituency. At the halfway stage of elections (325 seats declared out of 649), there was gloom in the Liberal Democrats camp as the surge in popularity of its leader Nick Clegg after the television debates did not translate into votes. Conservative leader David Cameron said it was clear that the Labour government has lost its mandate to govern. As the Labour party was set to lose over 90 MPs, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he wanted to play a part in the UK having a strong, stable and principled government. Labour party strategists said the party would continue to try to form a coalition government but senior Conservative leader William Hague said any attempt by Mr. Brown at securing a pact with Liberal Democrats would be a shameless piece of politics.