KARACHI - Adviser to Sindh CM on Information, Law and Anticorruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that prior to election the prime minister had announced that he would not go to IMF rather prefer to commit suicide but after coming to power an employee of IMF has been appointed as governor of State Bank.

“It seems Imran Khan has taken this step to save himself from committing suicide,” Murtaza Wahab claimed while talking to media persons at Sindh Assembly here on Monday. The adviser said that it is very unfortunate to say that what kind of Medina-like state has been setup where people are facing hardships in the holy month of Ramazan. He said that time has arrived and Imran Khan should accept that his government has no plan to resolve difficulties of people of the country.

He claimed that revenue collection shortfall of FBR has reached to alarming level of Rs480 billion, adding that nothing would be achieved from the removal of FBR chief instead correction in policies are needed. He remarked that shortfall in federal revenue collection is creating direct impact on provinces, saying that Sindh is facing hardships in running it’s health, education and other sector programs.

Wahab said that Sindh government has achieved 6 percent growth in revenue collection in current financial year and has collected Rs126 billion while performance of the federal government and Punjab remained very poor and zero percent increase in revenue collection has been recorded. He said that shortfall of federal transfers to Sindh soared to Rs130 billion, demanding the federal adviser for Finance Hafeez Shaikh to take notice of shortfalls.

He said that the Sindh CM has made few requests to the federal government in a meeting chaired by Federal Adviser on Finance Hafeez Shaikh last weekend and requested him to delegate powers of collecting sales tax on goods to provinces.


He said that PTI has taken U-turn on it’s every claim in last nine months.

Wahab said that petroleum products prices have been increased before the start of holy month of Ramazan and added that bomb of Inflation has been dropped on people as prices of every commodity would increase with the increase in petroleum products. Replying to questions about protest of nurses, the adviser said that nurses have been informed to resolve their genuine problems through talks, adding that sit-ins and protests are not solution to their issues. To another question, the provincial adviser admitted that police conduct remained questionable in few incidents.

He said that police was accountable to civil society, provincial government as well opposition benches. He said that new law has been introduced in Sindh Assembly which ensures the authority to police as well make them accountable. To an question, Wahab has accepted the challenge of mayor Karachi and invited him to sit at any forum or TV channel for debate on the performance of KMC.