KARACHI The Provincial Dengue Surveillance Cell (PDSC) on Saturday confirmed a death of three years girl, namely Rabil D/O Akber in Dehar Village, Sukkur. The deceased was admitted to hospital on 5th November and died of dengue on 6th November. The cell has also declared that as many as 41 new dengue cases have been reported in various hospitals in the metropolis during the last 24 hours. As per PDSC, 3896 suspected dengue cases have been reported in the city from 1st January to till date, while 223 cases were also reported in the Interior Sindh. A total of 2479 cases found positive, while 270 patients are still admitted in various hospitals of Karachi and 58 in Interior Sindh. A total of 19 deaths have so far been reported in the province. Pakistan Medical Association (Karachi) have strongly cautioned the citizens to prevent themselves from mosquito bites by wearing appropriate dresses, using repellents and insecticides and watching against any collection of water even small puddles. As per PMA, Usually dengue cases are reported from August. The City District Government Karachi to spray Kerosene oil over the water pools, developed due to heavy rain, to halt the breeding of mosquitoes. The water collected under air conditioner vents, and even unused WCs in the house can serve as breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti mosquito. While the temperature from 22 to 30 degree centigrade help in the breeding of mosquitoes. However, dilemma of flood in the country especially in Sindh is also aggravating the situation. The Aedes aegypti mosquito bites during the day, lives indoors in domestic settings and breeds in both clean and polluted water, while adult mosquito was destroyed in temperature beyond 38 C, the eggs can withstand desiccation and can hatch next year as well whenever conditions are conducive. The experts have strongly cautioned the public several times to prevent themselves from mosquito bites by taking preventive measures.