LAHORE - Through a writ petition before the Lahore High Court, the appointment of Mrs Rahat Kaunain, as chairperson of Competition Commission of Pakistan, has been challenged. Advocate Asif Mirza filed the petition inter alia contending that Mrs Rahat was earlier working as member of competition commission of Pakistan and later appointed as a chairperson. He said she also had law firm, namely, Hassan, Kaunain & Nafees law firm and alleged that of misusing official status for personal gains, besides holding her appointment as political favour on the allegations that, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer played a pivotal role in her appointment. The petitioner has also levelled certain allegations of financial mismanagement for personal gains against the respondent and added, the respondent by misusing her powers is abusing the process of law thus her appointment may be declared unlawful, unconstitutional and unwarranted by the law. Attempt to steal car thwarted A traffic inspector and four wardens foiled a car lifting attempt when a car-lifter stole car and tried to escape from Mozang Police Station area on Saturday. According to the details, a car lifter, identified as Naeem, resident of Sheikhupura, took away a car from Qartaba Chowk. When owner of the car, Mohammad Shahid, came to know about the incident, he immediately informed a traffic warden that the car lifter was leading toward Mozang Chowk. The warden phoned other wardens deputed at Mozang Chowk and informed them about the incident. Police investigators said traffic inspector Athar Aziz signalled the car lifter to stop but the accused accelerated the car and tried to escape after hitting the inspector. A team of four wardens and one constable headed by the traffic inspector chased the car lifter and held him after 30 minutes. Later, they handed over the accused to Lytton Road Police. Chief Traffic Officer, SSP Syed Ahmed Mobin has announced cash awards and commendatory certificates for the wardens.