The importance of cleanliness is highly underrated in our society. Cleanliness doesnt only lead to better health and a good environment; it also reflects a good sense of living. We use a variety of material that requires regular cleaning in our everyday life such as clothing, shoes, toys, cushions and bags. While it is easy to wash clothes in a washing machine, cleaning of other products such as shoes, toys and bags is mostly considered a cumbersome and time-consuming job. Opponents of modem technology argue that humans have become lazy because of too much dependence on technology. On the other hand, the tech-savvy people who quickly embrace the new technology believe that the technology has made life much easier and allows us to get more out of life. Washing machine is a good example of a valuable and time-saving invention that is appreciated by women all over the world for the convenience it offers in washing of clothes. However, women who find it challenging to let go of wishful thinking always want more from home appliances than these machines can actually deliver. Expecting wonders from home appliances can be attributed to increasing demand from work and domestic life. Brands that understand the changing needs of consumers and upgrade products according to their needs find themselves being successful in a long-term. As far as the local home appliances brands are concerned, Dawlance has proved itself as a reliable and an innovative brand that always goes an extra mile to identify the latent consumer needs and develops products around the changing consumer lifestyle. Dawlance automatic washing machine DWF-3500HZ is the latest example of a wonderful technology where style meets practicality. With a contemporary front load design, Dawlance H-Zone fully automatic washing machine has the revolutionary Air wash feature that converts air to ozone which eliminates bacteria and bad odour from products which cannot be cleaned frequently such as expensive clothes, leather jackets, designer bags, stuffed toys, pillows and comforters, shoes etc. Air Wash is a highly effective way of cleaning items without using water or detergent. Whereas advanced heater dryer uses hot air to give you ready to iron clothes. This is best suited for those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle and do not have enough time to air dry clothes. It also gives liberty to wash clothes at anytime, even at night or in rainy season. Dawlance has originated the one touch control technology which imitates the human sense, thinking and judgment to judge clothes weight, material, washing state by various sensors to decide the water level, detergent dosage, washing time & style, and automatically carries out the whole washing process. All you have to do is put laundry in washing machine; press power button, press start button and the machine will take care of the rest. The tilt drum of Dawlance automatic washing machine provides easy accessibility inside the drum - putting in and taking out clothes is very convenient that ultimately prevents knee and back problems. The tilt drum also generates an improved tumbling wash action which leads to reduced detergent usage and water consumption. The unique Dawlance memory function is custom designed in view of the present electricity failures in the country. It can remember the last working status and timing in case of electricity failure and when power resumes, the user can start the operation from where it was stopped. This has been made possible through built-in memory in the electronic circuit of the machine. Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine can also perform customized wash by letting the user select each programming option according to his requirement. For customization, the user can set the wash program, wash cycles, water level, rinse, spin options, either together or separately according to his/her choice. PR The kind of features that are available in Dawlance Automatic Washing Machine makes it a complete cleaning solution. Thanks to this new hi-tech machine, women can now clean so much more than clothes and ensure a healthier and a more hygienic life for their family.