LAHORE - Dowry is not an alternate to inheritance, therefore, women should not withdraw from their birth right which Islam has given to them. Only five per cent women in the country are getting their inheritance while the other were deprived of it due to unawareness and dominated traditions of our family system. These views were expressed by the speakers at a seminar on 'Law of inheritance and women empowerment at Falah-e-Khandan centre here on Saturday. Jamat-e-Islami organised the programme, while Samia Raheel Qazi, Aafia Sarwar, Shumaila Hammad and others were among the speakers. Samia Raheel Aqzi said that Islam has empowered women by bestowing them inheritance right. She said women should not give away their due right in the name of dowry. She said the government should be active for the division of inheritance like the West. Shumaila said the women were deprived of their rights due to lack of knowledge or family pressure. She said some people even from religious families also keep their women away from their basic rights. Prof Akram said the numbers of working women have been increased for the last seven years. He said about 22 per cent women in the country were the part of workforce, while 74 per cent were working in agriculture sector which clearly shows that women were being deprived from their inheritance.