Govt. achievements vis--vis failures, on which there is a national consensus, are discussed as below. Achievements: (a) NFC Award: Developing consensus between federation and the provinces on the new formula for distribution of resources is really commendable. This was a great irritant in the smooth running of the federation needing solution since decades. (b) 18th Constitutional Amendments: Many controversial amendments made in the constitution by dictatorial regimes in the past were removed with the support of more than two thirds majority of the parliament engineered by the present regime, bringing the constitution to almost its original shape. (c) Baluchistan Package and self-rule for Gilgat Baltistan: This was the first government to have taken some tangible initiative to solve the longstanding problem of deprivation in these neglected areas of the Country. Failures: (a) Corruption and Bad Governance: Corruption in the country has touched new heights as we are now among the top 34 corrupt countries of the world. Many high government functionaries are reported to be involved in corruption. (b) Financial Management: Government spending is more than the existing resources leading to heavy dependence on internal and external borrowings being the main cause of generating inflationary trend in the country. (c) Energy Policy: During two-and-a-half years of its rule, the government achieved nothing to overcome the rising power shortage in the country. (d) Tax Collection: Our tax to GDP ratio remains lowest amongst the developing countries. (e) Devolution of Power to District Governments: Under the NFC award a lot of power and resources have been transferred from the federation to provinces in one go without first preparing them to handle additional responsibility. Local bodies elections are being delayed on one pretext or the other and now this has been postponed until next year. Presence of strong and viable District governments as envisaged in the constitution, is the only answer to solve the problem of common man suffering from in-effective and centralized administration in the provinces where the governments are bogged down in petty matters rather than focusing on their main Job of legislation, Planning / Development and revenue generation, etc. (f) Confrontation with Judiciary and Media: It appears that the government is just not ready to digest the concept of independence of Judiciary and free media. ABAD AHMAD, Karachi, November 5.