LAHORE - Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Zaheeruddin Saturday demanded that the Kalabagh Dam issue should be taken up by the Council of Common Interests (CCI) which scheduled to meet in Islamabad on Monday. In a press statement, he said that the dam was the best way to overcome the ongoing energy crisis and thus it must be discussed by the CCI. Gilani will preside over the meeting, which will be attended by all the four chief ministers. Zaheeruddin said although not listed on the agenda, the Punjab chief minister should raise the issue of price-hike, loadshedding and discrimination in CNG supply to the countrys largest province. He said it was the time for the chief minister to take up the issue of non-supply of funds to Punjab for increase in the police force at a time when people were being looted by outlaws. He said although the CCI meeting had been called to persuade the provinces to accept the Reformed General Sales Tax to pave the way for the stalled IMF aid, it should be used to take decisions that could help solve peoples problems.