LAHORE Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Saturday denounced the suicide and grenade attacks in Darra Adam Khel and Peshawar, terming the acts not perpetrated by any Muslim. Secretary of the Bar, Babar Murtaza Khan, Finance Secretary Raja Sajid, Chairman LHCBA Human Rights Committee Shamimur Rahman Malik and others in a statement stated that the suicide attack during Juma prayers in a Darra Adam Khel village and the other grenade attack in a Pashawar Masjid, is unthinkable to perform for one who is a Muslim and believes in Allah, Almighty and His commands. They said anti-Islam forces are involved in these acts as for a Muslim attacking masjid is a major sin, which he would never like to carry out. The Bar members said Taliban are creation of America and now they are dancing to the tune of Americans to promote their interest and cause harm to Pakistan. They said the prime object of these anti-Islamic elements is to destabilise Pakistan as well as to force the Muslims away from going to Masajid. They said those people are being targeted through drone attacks who are opposed to American aggression and are against killers of Afghan people and so far no one of the Taliban has been killed in those attacks by American which means America is protecting Taliban and using them against Pakistan and Islam. The bar leaders have demanded of the government to eliminate hideouts and shelter places of Tehrik-e-Taliban.