LAHORE - National Saving Organization Director General Zafar M Sheikh addressing the Directors Conferences concluding ceremony Saturday said that human resource had become the biggest issue for the NSO, as the organization presently was facing the shortage of over 1,300 staff. However, the finance division has pledged to fill about 680 posts this year while the recruitment for the remaining 620 vacancies will be made during the next fiscal year, he stated. The NSO Director General showed his determination to achieve the automation as well as the investment target of current fiscal year amounting to Rs 248 billion. He vowed to improve the cliental service at each and every branch of the National Savings. On the occasion he announced certain measures for effective internal control. ZafarSheikh discussed the efforts of the organization regarding the flood relief activities saying that without automation system the funds were paid back to the depositors at their camps in far-flung areas. He said that teams comprising Regional Controllers, Inspection Heads and Branch Managers reached the displaced people and made payments against their savings. He said that the NSO branch managers usually personally know the savers so there was no problem of identification, which further improved the image of the Organisation and the villagers were more willing to invest their money in National Savings schemes. The NSO Director General reiterated to surpass the Rs 248 billion investment target of the current fiscal year. He said that In 2007-08, the initial target of Rs40 billion was revised to Rs80 billion and the organisation managed to attract Rs89 billion, he added. In 2008-09, the organisation achieved Rs267 billion, far exceeding the target of Rs150 billion. In 2009-10, it attracted Rs229 billion against the target of Rs219 billion. This years target is Rs248 billion and by the end of first quarter Rs 60 billion was achieved, he added. During the directors conference, participants highlighted the issues openly, which they were facing at their regional offices. It is to be noted that on the first day of the National Savings directors conference the DG had announced the launching of the 'Short Term Investment Certificates scheme. He also had announced that the modernized website of the NSO would be operational in this first quarter of the 2011, enabling the savers to operate their account anywhere al over the world. He said that modernization of the National Savings website would be helpful to tap the savings of Non Resident Pakistanis who are saving their amount in dollar against very minor returns.