ISLAMABAD Tug-of-war between top officials of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), who are busy in mudslinging against each other, has plagued the universitys affairs. A letter written by NUML Director Academics Brig (Retd) Saeed Akhtar Malik, responding to a letter of Dr Kamran Jahangir, DG NUML in which he had sought explanation from NUML Director Administration Muhammad Yasin about irregularities being committed during the appointments of Directors and Regional Directors on contract, points out various irregularities allegedly being committed in the promotions of Kamran Jahangir himself. According to the content of the letter, in clear violation of the rules and regulations, initially Kamran Jahangir was appointed Director Planning and Coordination (BPS-18) on contract basis in year 2002, the appointment was made without advertising the post in the press and without convening the meeting of the selection board of the university to conduct the interview/s for the purpose. At that time owing to his fast friendship with the Rector of the NUML, only after nine months of his first appointment in the university, in year 2003 Kamran had been promoted to BPS-19 as regular Director P&C, setting aside all the rules and regulations, as according to the university rules all the appointments in BPS-16 and above are required to be made through open merit and with the recommendation of the selection board of the university. But in the particular case of Kamran Jahangir, defined rules and regulations were violated, as it was the time when Kamrans brother in law, Kamran Rasool, was the Chief Secretary in Punjab Government and he was said to be a friend of former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf. Illegalities in the case of Kamran promotions did not stop here, as in March 2005, only after two years of his service in BPS-19, he was promoted to BPS-20. Thus setting a unique example of violation of rules, favouritism and nepotism as Kamran remained Director P&C first in BPS-18 and than in 19 and 20. In July 2007, Kamran Jahangir was appointed as Registrar of the University violating the defined rules and procedures, as per university rules 15 years experience in education department required for the appointment of Registrar. In November 2008, allegedly after blackmailing NUML Rector through his brother- in-law Kamran Rasool when he was Secretary Defence in federal government, he got appointed in BPS-21 as Director General (DG), NUML. Once again rules were violated as according to the rules and ordinance of the university a serving or a retired Brigadier of Army Education Corps can be appointed as DG. In this way Kamran Jahangir proved his competency by getting four appointments in a short span of six years, setting an example of worst favouritism. It is pertinent to note that none of the above posts had ever been advertised in the press nor any meeting of the university selection board was held for his promotions, just an NFC (Note for Consideration) had been signed and approved. Taken maximum benefit of his position he was enrolled in PhD programme in NUML. As per university the minimum required qualification for PhD admission is MA 1st division, however, this rule was relaxed for him as Kamran is MA English in 3rd division. Later Kamran converted his PhD into MPhil and he was awarded foreign scholarship by the university and he got admission in Utrecht University of Netherlands, all the expenditure were paid by the university including the expenditure incurred on his visits and air tickets. An irregularity that is committed in this case, as Kamran was not a faculty member and this scheme was approved for faculty members only and he was awarded scholarship when he was Director P&C. It is worth mentioning here that Brig (Retd) Muhammad Saeed Akhtar Malik, Director Academics NUML in a letter addressing Kamran Jahangir also pointed out all above illegalities. DG NUML Kamran Jahangir while talking to TheNation said that the matter is subjudice therefore he could not comment on the issue, as a writ petition regarding his appointment and promotions is with the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench. He said he had served a legal notice to Director Academics Brig (Retd) Saeed Akhtar Malik. However, he said, I own what I had written to Director Administration about irregularities in appointments. He was of the view that despite answering the real issue, Brig Saeed had tried to threaten him by levelling such charges.