ISLAMABAD The first meeting of Judicial Commission of Pakistan was held on Saturday in the Supreme Court building in the chair of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary for the appointment of judges to the higher judiciary. Two most senior judges of SC, retired judge SC, Chief Justices of Federal Shariat Court and High Courts, HC senior judges, Federal and Provincial Law Ministers, Attorney General of Pakistan and provincial bar councils representatives attended the meeting. The Commission, set up under the 18th Amendment of the Constitution, approved the rules of the Joint Commission. Justice Javed Iqbal, senior most judge of the Supreme Court and JC member, tabled the draft National Judicial Commission of Pakistans Rules 2010. The members discussed and debated the draft rules, and after minor amendment, unanimously approved them. For each anticipated or actual vacancy of a judge in the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court or High Courts the Chief Justice of Pakistan shall initiate nominations in the Commission for the appointment against such vacancy. While for each anticipated or actual vacancy of a judge in Federal Shariat Court or High Courts, the Chief Justice of the respective court shall initiate and send nomination for appointment against such vacancy to the chairman for convening meeting of the Commission. The Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chairman JC, Iftikhar Mohammad, would regulate the proceedings of the Commission. Whenever a nomination is received under Rule 3, the Chairman shall call a meeting of the Commission on a date, time and place determined by him notified by the secretary to each member. The secretary would be SC registrar or any person authorised by the Chairman. The Commission may call for any information or record required by it from any person or authority for carrying out its functions. The JC Secretary shall forward the nominations made by the Commission to the Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee constituted under clause (9) of Article 175A of the Constitution. The proceedings of the Commission shall be held in camera. A record of the proceedings shall be prepared and maintained by the Secretary duly certified by the Chairman. The Chairman may constitute one or more committees of the members. A retired Chief Justice or Judge of the Supreme Court or High Court shall be entitled to TA/DA and accommodation as admissible to a judge of the apex court for attending the Commission. During the meeting, the CJ expressed the hope that the top judiciary, the government and the members of Pakistan and four provincial Bar Councils would select the best, the brightest and the most honest persons for the superior courts. He emphasised the fact that this meeting is going to herald the change of system of appointment of judges in the light of Article 175A inserted through 18th Amendment in the Constitution. The Chief Justice emphasised that the collective wisdom assembled at the Supreme Court will be able to come up to the expectations of the entire nation in the discharge of their constitutional duties and hoped that any weaknesses in the new system will be duly addressed by the Parliament in the light of the judgment passed by a 17-member bench of the Supreme Court on October 21, 2010.