Heading a meeting of the Central Organising Committee in Islamabad, Mian Nawaz Sharif did not mince his words in holding the PPP-led government accountable for the present sorry state of affairs. He said that the PPP had taken the cooperation of the PML-N for granted and had thrown the country into a whirlpool of crises. Where the PML-Ns grilling of the government for its poor performance meets popular demand, the people also wish that Mian Nawaz would work for the unification of the Pakistan Muslim League to pose a more effective opposition, rather than persistently refusing the offer of joining hands with the factions that have formed themselves into one party. The decision reached during the meeting that the party would not join the PML alliance has to all intents and purposes stymied the prospect of not only much needed political harmony, but also of a strong opposition to take on the government for its faults. The PML-Ns argument is the PML-Q had not only been hand in glove with General Musharraf in victimising it, but also had dealt a blow to democracy and to the country. However, given the times the country happens to be going through and especially the political vacuum created by the squabbles among political parties, it is no doubt in the national interest if various factions of the Muslim League join hands as a single political force. The meeting also talked about the poor performance of the government in terms of alleviating the suffering of the masses through controlling inflation. This is welcome but again it would do the country a world of good if the various splinter groups of the Muslim League form a single political entity and then try to grapple with the problems faced by the people, most urgent and crucial being price hike of daily food items. Most important of all, the PML-N must realise that unless it joins the new alliance, the PPP would find it easy to secure victory in the next general elections. It is pretty clear that owing to the absence of a united Muslim League, vote would split. Of course, democracy gives every party the right to contest elections and form the government. However, keeping in view the disappointing performance of the PPP, where corruption and poverty are breaking past records and to top it all, the partys bigwigs remain in a state of denial, the people would be reduced to tears to see the same inept leadership control the destiny of the nation for another five years. Hence the need for the PML-N to undergo a change of heart, form a strong opposition for the time being and contest elections on a strong footing.