ISLAMABAD Painting exhibition titled Reverence of Nature by Matloob Baig will be opened on Monday at gallery 6. Matloob Baigs paintings portray his worship for the striking beauty of nature, his admiration of changing splendour of the seasons, his veneration of the sharply silhouetted gnarled trees, his honour for the skies, his adulation of filtered or bright sunlight, his glorification of giant clouds and his adoration of multi-coloured lakes - all these are well reflected in an incredible way in his landscapes that are emotional, atmospheric, and romantic. All his works have feelings and are expressive as well as descriptive, creating sensations and serenity together. They capture the beauty of colours and their chromatic effects in nature, which depict moments of celebrations in spring, summer, autumn or winter. According to Arjumand Faisel, Curator, his amazing and inspiring work perfectly revealed natural beauty, the Gallery is pleased to present the works of this talented emerging artist.