ISLAMABAD The government has left the helpless consumers on the mercy of strong sugar mafia, who is exploiting the masses without any fear of the relevant authorities, as they take the commodity price beyond Rs 100 per kg in the country, it has learnt. The strong mafia takes the sugar price to a record level of more than Rs 100 per kg in the country from Rs 85 per kg of few days back only by creating an artificial shortage of the commodity, market sources told TheNation on Saturday. On the other hand, the government seems to have failed to control it despite having enough sugar stock in the country. The commoditys price fluctuates in the range of Rs 95 to Rs 105 per kg in different parts of the country. However, officials of the Ministry of Industries and Production believed that it was not their responsibility to keep eye on the sugar prices as they could only look into its stock. The provincial governments are responsible to control the price and to take action against the hoarders and profiteers, they further said. According to the figures presented in Sugar Advisory Board (SAB) meeting held on October 26 last, the existing sugar (imported and domestic) stocks stood at approximately 500,000 tons, which were sufficient till end November while 300,000 tons are being imported and will reach by end November, and 100,000 tons by end December. Sources told TheNation that sugar mafia is creating artificial shortage to earn billions of rupees before the start of crushing seasons of sugarcane, which is likely to start from November 15. the sources were of the view that the sugar price often starts declining after the end of crushing season due to its enough stock in the country, therefore, the mafia is exploiting the consumers ahead of this season by creating an artificial shortfall in the country. The sugar production would be around 3.1 million tons in 2010-11 despite floods destroyed the crop at to some extent, the sources informed and added that prices could further accelerate in next few days.