LAHORE - Central General Secretary, ANP, Ehsan Wyne has said that terrorist acts of Taliban in Pakistan are getting support from Afghanistan while a reactionary behaviour of Taliban to American policies is providing additional fuel to their activities in this country. Talking to TheNation Saturday, he said after being routed by the security personnel, Taliban have changed their direction to the innocent people even targeting them in the religious places. He turned down the unabated terrorist attacks as failure of the ANP government and said the menace got its roots in Khyber PK and then it found support in other areas, and now the activities of terrorists had been markedly checked so much that ratio of attacks in Khyber PK had come down phenomenally. This speaks volumes of the success of the ANP government which earned at a cost of great sacrifices, he added. Wyne categorically said Taliban were getting support from Afghanistan and their activities were also a reaction to what Americans were doing in Afghanistan. He opposed the impression that Taliban struggle aims at enforcing Islamic system and said, if Islamic system was their objective, then why they were attacking mosques and killing innocent people. Taliban in fact are attempting to bring fascism, he added. He said Taliban were not so large in number while surging public intolerance and hatred had reached its peak and the masses were fast coming out of illusion that Taliban do not stand for a religious government but a fascist system, thus people are closing their ranks to counter them. Taliban in Afghanistan have neither waged a war under religious motives nor America is after them beating the fear that they would set up an Islamic government in Afghanistan if no check is put on their advances. Both America and Taliban have their own interests; Taliban want to occupy Afghanistan while America wants to control South Asia and Central Asia under larger political and economic motives. And Pakistan is suffering as a consequence of their tug-of-war going under their personal agenda, he added. To a question whether situation would become peaceful and normal if America is out of the region, he said this time the history must not repeat itself when the US left and a wide range blood-shedding ensued in Afghanistan. He said this time even a more serious situation would overtake if the US leaves the region without settling the matter in a systematic manner. He said given the situation Pakistan government and the Army also had an obligation to talk to the peaceful elements in Afghanistan to help them take charge of the things if they command popularity and acceptance in the country. After that the US should go, he added. He dispelled the impression of ANP being pro-US after Asfandars visit to US. He said his party believes in dialogue which does not mean it toes policy of any super power. He said his party is anti-America and anti-imperialism. To a question that why ANP was not so popular in the largest province of Punjab despite the fact, he himself belonged to this province, Wyne said ANP was a nationalist party which had a complete organisational structure in Punjab. After getting political roots in Sindh and Balochistan, his party was also gradually making way in Punjab, he added.