According to the press report, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet has directed the Trading Corporation of Pakistan to immediately supply about 450,000 tons of sugar stock in the market to check the rising sugar prices. I dont think that the sugar mafia will reduce its prices at all. This sugar will be purchased by the sugar mills owners or by their dealers and they will not release to the open market at reasonable rates. If the government really wants to help the consumers, it should supply all this sugar to the retailer outlets and utility stores at Rs. 55 per kg. The government also launched a campaigned advising the people to halve their consumption of sugar and sweet product because since it would be good for their health. It is now a known fact that the majority of sugar mills in the country are owned by politicians or their friends. And unfortunately, our politicians are only interested in getting votes from people. They also protect the interest of those who provide them the funds for the elections. The leaders are only paying lip service to the welfare of the people. The government must stop protecting the sugar barons. The business should be run according to free market mechanism. Allowing the free import of sugar would also help a lot. It is a pity that the sugar mills have been exploiting the consumers and manipulating the prices at will. The question is who will bell the cat when the cats are sitting in the National Assembly? ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, November 5.