ISLAMABAD - Although Pakistan Peoples Party is terming the move to have two separate chapters of party for central and southern Punjab just for better management of the party, the key political players saw it as the first practical step toward the launching of a movement for Seraiki province. This step on part of the PPP would give impetus to the movements for creation of new provinces and would compel other political players in the national politics to come up with similar programmes in this regard, a political analyst closely watching the situation commented. The creation of Saraiki province would serve as a chain reaction and people from across the country would come up with similar demands as people from Hazara and Potohar regions had already launched campaign for having separate provinces for them. The feeble voice for restoration of the Bahawalpur province had also secured strength from the recent move by PPP. Similarly, though the people from Karachi and Hyderabad had opposed the creation of a new province comprising these two cities right now, but in days to come, who would come in their way if they wanted to have it? The sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party informed TheNation that the party was already working on the plan to have Seraiki province mainly comprising southern Punjab and in this connection a committee comprising senior party leaders were busy altering the partys manifesto and the promise for creation of new provinces would be included in it. A few weeks back during a seminar on creation of new provinces organised by Tehreek-I-Suba Hazara in federal capital PPP Secretary General Senator Jehangir Badr had asked the participants of the seminar to come up with some sort of working paper on creation of new provinces in the country on administrative grounds so that the government would evolve some mechanism on forming new administrative units. Though Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) which was against the division of Punjab into two provinces, had also soften its stance and now they conditionally supported the move and said that new provinces would be formed in rest of the provinces as well and it should not remain confined to Punjab alone. Sources in PML-N informed that they were also working on a plan for creation of new provinces and they would complete their homework in this connection by next month or so. These sources said that it was wrong perception on part of PPP that the division of Punjab into two provinces would divide the PML-N strength and said that the division of Punjab would have little bearing on their popularity and they were not confined to any province as PML-N has roots in all the four provinces. Political analysts commenting on the situation said that though the creation of new provinces on administrative grounds was not a bad thing and almost all the political parties were also having the same views, but the ground reality in all the cases where people were demanding creation of new provinces was embedded in linguistic or ethnic grounds which would be detrimental to the solidarity of the state in the long run. These political analysts were of the view that it was too sensitive a matter and instead of doing politics on it the politicians and other major stakeholders should sit together and evolve some strategy to deal with it otherwise it would be like a chain reaction and one after the other people would come up with demands for creation of new provinces which could lead the things to any dimension.