Most of the people relating to intellect know very well about Allama Sir, Dr Muhammad Iqbal (RA) and that he was a poet of his time placed at the top Everest of the list of his contemporaries. He had no doubt a dynamic personality. A thinker, a poet, a reacher, a reformer, a lecturer and an orator he was as well as a true-Muslim, right believer and a follower of the righteous way of Islam. Allama Iqbal was a dreamer of a true Muslim State. In his famous and notable speech knows as Khutba-i-Ilahabad he reflected on an independent Muslim State. The true Muslim Caliphate of Islam and its renaissance is basically the aim of Allama Iqbal which showed both in his poetry and message. For implementing Islamic practices and fulfilment of the dream of the regaining of the true Caliphate of Islam, Allama Iqbal struggled also through his academic as well as political activities. He denied Western thought of Spurman and introduced Momin a true Muslim follower of Islam in both faith as well as practice. He compared a non-Muslim with a Muslim as under. A non-Muslims identity is that he always runs for universe while a Muslim identification is that the whole universes run towards him. (Tr. Dr Afzaal the author). This is a bad fate of the Sub-continent Muslims that despite they have gotten a separate State for their religious livelihood but no Islam is implemented in it. Allama Iqbal did not claim himself as the founder of such State. We have destroyed Allama Iqbals dream. We run after lust, wealth and world matters. We never try to implement Islam in Pakistan. We assume about ourselves as a nation who leads the Muslim world but we are false in this leadership. We are totally incapable to be the leaders of the Muslim Ummah. Iqbal said: Think is it true claiming as the leader while the Ummah is thirsty and our glass is empty at all. (Tr. The Author) Is it that Islam for which lakhs of Muslims were compelled to migrate? Lakhs of Muslims were murdered for this Islam? Millions of Muslims were compelled to leave relatives, homelands and all necessities, etc. Is this the Islamic State and society for which our ancestors suffered and struggled a lot? Where is Islam in Pakistan? While Pakistans birth was only for Islam. Where is the renaissance of Islam in Pakistan. This is a matter of thousand times sorrow and pain that not only Islam is not been implemented in Pakistan but non-Muslim rather anti-Muslim and anti-Islam forms are implemented everywhere in Pakistan. The latest generation is enable even to understand the bloody riots story of 1947 and onwards. This Pakistans current generation has no vision of the sacrifices of their elders during and after making Pakistan. This courage died. Our position is disappeared. We are disheartened. Home has been destroyed while you have not stood with us. (Tr. by author) The experts of looting, corruption and non-Islamic values have become our bad fate and destiny. So an innocent and a common Muslim has a question that where he should go? Where Islam will be implemented and when? This not Iqbals Pakistan. Where is the dreaming Iqbals real Pakistan? Where we should go to see the true Pakistan? The writer is ex-Dean & Prof. Asian Institute of Modern Studies, Lahore.