KARACHI - The citizens are facing enormous problems while using their ATM cards as many ATM machines of various banks have run out of cash, creating problems on the eve of Eidul Azha. Many citizens had to face embarrassment when they tried to withdraw money through their ATM cards because all banks would remain closed for five days. Generally, on occasions like religious festivals, people withdraw more money than they actually need for the fear that ATM machines would run out of cash. Their concerns are well-grounded since banks also close on account of religious festivals for a period of four to six days. An official of a private bank, who is associated with the ATM operation, told TheNation that transactions through ATMs were increasing as Eid was nearing. He said it was normal for many ATMs to be restocked twice a day in the last working days before Eid holidays than other days of the year and not all ATMs had equal cash stores. Some bank customers told TheNation they were always keen to avoid queuing up for ages in front of ATMs so they avoided peak hours. They said they preferred to make withdrawals during the early morning hours or in afternoon. However, some customers said that withdrawing money was not that much of an issue. However, in busy areas such as malls and markets long queues were a real problem. Faraz Zubairi, who lives on II Chundrigar Road, said he needed to visit three to four ATMs before he was able to withdraw any money. He complained that links of most ATMs were down. On the other hand, the Sate Bank of Pakistan has already directed the banks, working in the country, to make their services better to facilitate the citizens on the eve of Eid.