A MOTHER was told her baby son was stillborn, only to discover him alive wrapped in a yellow plastic bag and dumped in a hospital bathroom. Four medics have been suspended after the incident Nanhai Red Cross Hospital in Foshan, China, where nurses also told the mother wrongly the child was a girl. It is yet another scandal to hit the city in Guangdong province where just a month ago a toddler died after being run over twice while being ignored by passers-by, sparking global outrage and raising questions over the countrys humility. DM China Daily reported mother Liu Dongmei, 23, was seven months pregnant when she arrived at the hospital with her 24-year-old husband, Wang Haizhang with internal bleeding and stomach cramps. After her delivery midwives broke the devastating news the child was not crying, or breathing and had turned purple. They then wrapped the child, which they mistakenly told Liu was a girl, in a yellow plastic bag and placed the baby in nearby bathroom, without informing a doctor. It was only 30 minutes later when Lius sister-in-law Wang Heping arrived and asked to see the body, did the family realised the hospitals dreadful mistake. Wang told China Daily said: 'I opened the plastic bag and saw the babys hands and feet moving, the stomach was going up and down and air bubbles were coming out of his mouth, She added she was also shocked to discover the baby was a little boy and not a girl as hospital staff had told them. According to local newspaper reports, nurses at the hospital are believed to have told the family the baby was a girl in an effort to 'soften the blow. DM