MIRPUR/ AHMEDPUR EAST - The holy festival of Eidul Azha will be celebrated at both sides of the line of control by the Jammu & Kashmir Muslims here on Monday (today) with traditional religious zeal and fervour. The day will begin with special prayers in the mosques for the stability, integrity, unity and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, early liberation of all occupied Muslim homelands including Indian held Jammu & Kashmir and for the early success of the Kashmir freedom movement. In Azad Jammu & Kashmir, special Eidul Azha congregations will be held at all small and major cities and towns of all ten districts including the states metropolis Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli, Bhimbher, Haveili, Hattiyan, Bagh, Sudhanoti, Rawalakot and Neelam valley districts where people will offer Eid prayer at the mosques, Eidgahs and open places. Later on the 'farzandan-e-Touheed will scarify animals following in footsteps of the towering personality of Hazrat Ibrahiem (AS) who by obeying the order of Allah Almighty, asked his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) for his sacrifice. The AJK government has announced November 7 to 8 official holidays for Eidul Azha celebrations. And in Indian-held Jammu & Kashmir, the Kashmiri Muslims will celebrate Eidul Azha with renewal of the pledge to continue the liberation struggle despite the stepped up state terrorism and undue hurdles by the Indian occupying troops. AHMEDPUREAST: Eidul Azha is one of the special festivals celebrated by Muslims irrespective of the fact, that wherever a Muslim person is, the festival of Eidul Azha is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. This year it is falling on 7th November in Pakistan. Muslims celebrate the festival of Eidul Azha in remembrance of Prophet Abrahams readiness to sacrifice his son Ishmael to Allah. On Eidul Azha Muslims sacrifice their domestic animals, like goat, sheep, cow, camel etc. This sacrifice of animals is made by Muslims to pay a tribute to Prophet Abraham, as he was ready to sacrifice his son but God gave him a Sheep to sacrifice. Eidul Azha will celebrate today in Sub-Divison AhmedpurEast with religious fervour and enthusiasm. The Eid congregations will held in the Eidgahs, Mosques and Imambargahs of city AhmedpurEast, Dera Nawab Sahib, Uchsharif, Chanigoth, Mubarakpur, Hatehji, Kotla Musa Khan and other areas. After performing the Eid prayers, Muslims will sacrifice the animals following the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). On the occasion, under the supervision of DSP the Circle Police have made fool proof security arrangements to avoid untoward incident. Prince Falahuddin Abbasi and other leading members of Abbasi family will offer Eid prayers in Royal Eidgah Dera Nawab Sahib. The People from different walks of life will meet Prince Falahuddin Abbasi for Eid greetings at Sadiq Garh Palace in the absentia of his elder brother Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi who is currently in Saudi Arabia after performing Haj. PPP MNA, leaders sympathise death: PPP MNA and District Bahawalpur President Arif Aziz Sheikh, District General Secretary Shakir Mirza, former Assistant Advocate General Punjab Muhammad Ali Ahsan, Sardar Riaz Ahmed Dahar and PPP Tehsil President Jam Yaqoob Jhulan visited the residence of PPP Halqa-268 Ahmedpur East General Secretary Muhammad Hanif Nasim in Qalandar Colony. They condoled the accidental death of his younger brother Shumail Nasim.