OUR STAFF REPORTER KOT ADDU - In spite of providing jobs for the local people, the sugar mills of Kot Addu are allegedly creating problems for the citizens by spreading pollution. Addressing a press conference at the Kot Addu Press Club, Mohammad Arshad Siddiqui Advocate and Mian Sultan Goraha urged the sugar mills owners to purchase sugarcane at reasonable rates and prefer the local people regarding recruitments. They demanded that sugar mills should provide water filtration plants and air purification plants to decrease pollution. They said that last year, sugarcane rate was Rs 200 per maund but now they were giving only Rs 150 rupees per maund which is less than the rates of inputs, diesel and machinery. They added that if their demands were not met, they would protest and stage a sit-in in front of sugar mills until their demands were met and responsibility for law and order would be on sugar mills owners.