LAHORE Punjab Labour Minister Ehsaan-ud-Din Qureshi has said that the government has increased the marriage and death grants whereas the amount of scholarship to the children of labourers has also been increased. He said the labour department has provided Rs 58.22 million interest free micro credit among 3,047 workers of brick kilns in two districts for the elimination for bonded labour, child labour and exploitation of brick kiln workers. While talking to a delegation of industrial workers on Sunday, he said government was giving top priority to eliminate the menace of bonded labour in brick kilns and combating worst forms of child labour from the province. He said that 200 non-formal education centers were providing education to 6,803 students at brick kilns in Lahore and Kasure. He told that veterinary staff visited 165 brick kilns and provided treatment to 448 animals of labourers. He said that the department organised health camps at brick kilns and free of cost treatment was provided to 1,300 labourers.