ISLAMABAD (Online) - According to Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG)Policy 2011,license for construction of LNG terminal and marketing RLNG would be issued by OGRA and Ministry of Petroleum has no role or influence over OGRA in this regard, said the Spokesman of Ministry of Petroleum. According to Spokesman, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources is committed to make the entire process of award of LNG License completely fair, transparent and based on merit. LNG Policy 2011 provides freedom to structure projects on integrated or unbundled basis and allows LNG purchase on long term as well as on-spot purchase. The policy binds the Licensee to ensure delivery of LNG on fast track basis against guarantees and in case of failure, its right to 3rd party access will be subjected to cancellation / review by OGRA. All the LNG terminals and associated facilities to be operated on a system of Third Party Access. "Government will not provide any guarantee for LNG import projects; however, the government will only facilitate and assist the LNG developer or LNG Terminal Operator. The obligations of the LNG developers will be secured at all costs". , clarified the spokesman. He further clarified that it is again emphasized that Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources is not influencing any organization for favoring a particular company and will strongly oppose any move that is against merit and government regulations.