OUR STAFF REPORTER OKARA - The leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Okara and the PTI severely criticised the rulers and JI ameer said that the situation in the country was turning from bad to worse day by day and the law-enforcement agencies were playing with the peoples lives. The lawlessness is at its peak whereas dacoity, kidnapping for ransom and incidents of bloodshed have become order of the day, Farooq Sheikh said demanded that constitutional human rights should be ensured and local government elections should be held forthwith. The JI leader was of the view that days of the government were numbered and now the government could not stay in power any more. With the end of the present government, the nation will be free from American subservience, he added. He further warned if America dares to attack or harm solidarity of Pakistan, 180 million people will respond her accordingly. Addressing a joint press conference, former tehsil president of PPP Haji Abdus Sattar Wahla and President of PPP Kisan Wing Chaudhry Shafqat Ali Rabbani who joined Tehrik-e-Insaf a week ago said that the Lahore show at Minar-e- Pakistan has given sleepless nights to President Zardari and PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif. They urged N leader Pervez Rashid to quit politics. They suggested he should render his resignation. Haji Abdus Sattar Wahla said there may be no hurdle to check Imran Khan from coming into power in the coming elections. He said Okara which was once fort of the PPP now will become stronghold of PTI.