LAHORE The gathering storm of PTI in yet another jolt to its opponents, expected to get the support of political bigwigs of South Punjab after Eid. Member Parliament of PML-F Jehangir Khan Tareen, PML-Q leader Ishaq Khakwani along with 12 former federal ministers of Pervez Musharraf regime are likely to join PTI after Eid. The stated political figures will announce joining the PTI during a meeting with PTI chief Imran Khan. Omar Sarfarz Cheema, central spokesman of PTI, when contacted said that PML-F member National Assembly, Jehangir Tareen, Ishaq Khakwani and nearly two dozen former federal ministers expected to announce joining the PTI after Eid during a meeting with party chief. He said that time has come that all the clean politicians should join Imran Khan after parting ways from their corrupt leaders in order to bring a real change in the country. Commenting on electoral or political alliance with any of the mainstream political party, he said that partys central executive has the right to take any decision in this regard and the body would take up the issue in the next meeting. PTI leader said that party would neither award ticket to any corrupt politician nor forge alliance with the party leaders alleged for corruption. It may be noted here that many veteran politicians in mainstream parties were waiting for the outcome of PTIs Lahore public moot to decide their future and the success of the public meeting on October 30 played a major role jolting many pillars in the traditional political forces. Meanwhile, informed political sources told this scribe on Monday that senior political leaders of PPP belonging to South Punjab, which earlier considering to join the PML-N, are rethinking their future political options after witnessing the success of PTI public meeting in the heart of PML-Ns stronghold.