LAHORE (APP) - SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), an apex body of chambers in the region, has stressed the need for immediate construction of water reservoirs and dams to meet increasing power shortage. Speaking as chief guest at a round table discussion here Sunday on " The impact of power shortage on national economy", VP SAARC CCI, Pak chapter and trade leader Iftikhar Ali Malik said the country is currently facing the power and gas crisis adding that uninterrupted supply of power is a pre-requisite for country's economic growth and development. He said due to interrupted power supply,industrial and agricultural productions and industrial growth is being affected badly. He said industry and agriculture are vital national sectors requiring smooth electric and gas supply. for national development. "In view of the power situation confronting the country today, construction of water reservoirs and dams is absolutely necessary to meet water-power shortage," he said, adding that consensus regarding the construction of dams should be obtained at the earliest for the strengthen of national economy. He said that international experts and studies conducted by international bodies such World Bank, after detailed research have identified certain sites feasible for Kala Bagh Dam from technical point of view. Iftikhar Ali Malik who is also co-chairman Businessmen Panel and former President FPCCI and LCCI said new dams are inevitable to meet the ever increasing demand for inexpensive energy sources, and will also help bring down the cost of everything including essential commodities. Chairman commit tee on Water and immediate past President LCCI Shahzad Ali Malik explained the acute water shortage facing the country which he feared if not checked will render Pakistan as water deficit country in the world. "Big water reservoirs and dams are vital for country's industrial progress and prosperity, as well as for a green revolution," he said, adding that we can get rid of power loadshedding and outages only if new dams are built on war footing,he added. Speaking on the occasion, Taimour Ali and Shehyar Ali said that new dams will also help reduce the frequency and severity of flood havoc in downstream of river Indus, especially in Sindh province.