LAHORE Like previous Eids, Lahore Zoo has chalked out special programmes, including puppet shows, variety shows, drama and other entertainment in order to attract visitors especially children during three holidays on Eid-ul-Azha. The City Zoo Administrators claimed that they generated record revenue on the eve of Eid ul Fitr and are expecting more revenue on the eve of Eid ul Azha. Director of Lahore Zoological Gardens Shafqat Ali told this scribe on Sunday that wildlife guides would be deployed at various important points, especially near tiger and bear cages, to provide information to visitors about them, their natural habitat, habits, average life span, food etc. Cages of tigers, lions and monkeys are likely to be the centre of attraction for visitors, especially children who enjoy each and every action of these animals. Shafqat disclosed that a small area has also been earmarked for 'jumping jacks' for the kids. "Leaflets and stickers relating to the Lahore Zoo, describing its history and the origin of its wildlife wealth, would be given free of cost to visitors for their information". Special ticket booths, four each for men and women, would also be established at both entry points of the Zoo to facilitate visitors, he added. The Director said that foolproof arrangements have been made to plug any possibility of pilferage of revenue, while the staffers of Zoo have been directed to take care of the visitors and make their visit to the Zoo pleasant and enjoyable. Shafqat said that a Red Crescent ambulance equipped with the latest medical facilities would also be available in the Zoo premises in case of any emergency to provide quick medical aid to visitors. He said a contingent of reserve police and bomb disposal unit would carry out patrolling in and around the premises to avert any untoward incident, pick-pocketing or eve-teasing. "Services of a batch of armed security guards have also been acquired from the private sector," he concluded.