ISLAMABAD - Sugarcane crushing season might get late this year as after Eid labour would not available early and then with the start of Moharram again there will be difficulties in labour availability. As per market sources, in normal scenario crushing season starts in the end of November that could be postponed to mid of December and in Sindh it might be starting in the end of next month. The reason in Sindh is mainly the floods that might affect the timings of starting of crushing season and in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to Eid and then start of Ashura there would be difficulties in the availability of labour. The sources said that at present country had a stock of 3 to 4 hundred thousand tons of sugar that was enough for one month and there is expected that in Ashura extra sugar is used so government should advise the masses to use the product economically. About the expected production figure of sugarcane, the sources said that it was so early to say something and most of the people were just making their own ideas in this regard. They said that most probably the production of sugarcane would match the country's requirement to produce enough sugar for rest of the year. About the price, the sources said that this is being felt that the prices of sugar might go up as the farmers are expecting sugarcane price above Rs 200 per 40 kilogram that resultantly would increase the price of sugar the end product. The sources said that due to better price of sugarcane in the market this year more areas was cultivated and there might not be a need for importing sugar this year. However, government should control smuggling with iron hands to save the national kitty in terms of spending foreign exchange for the import of sugar.