RAWALPINDI (APP) The participants of a seminar held to mark the 'International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflicts have observed the frequent and rising use of weapons of mass destruction and explosives charge irreparable loss of degradation of environment, infrastructure and basic services. These losses brought on by war havoc on the environment, public health and food security coupled with other problems and if the world nations did not stop this menace, the coming generations would face more severe consequences. The seminar was arranged by the Human Rights, Environment and Landscape Protection Forum (HELP FORUM) here at a local hotel. President of HELP FORUM T. M. Jan, V.P. Nisar Choudhary, General Secretary Irshad-ul-Haq, Joint Secretary Mubarak Hussain, Sana Ullah Akhtar, Dr. Hafiz Mohammad Matie Ullah, Dr. Nasir Malik, Malik Jaffar and a large number of other people were present on the occasion. The participants said that modern day warfare had made its impact increasingly severe turning the life-friendly environment in to life-enemy. President Help Forum T. M. Jan said the long-term and widespread impacts caused by such degradation literally meaning the killing of the environment. What are we transferring to our coming generation has become the most urgent question of today and we have no any positive answer to this question, he mentioned. He said the excessive use of weapons to feed more and more armed conflicts in the world are sullying the water reservoirs, increasing the global warming, destroying the forests, and hatching the more and new diseases on the earth. These entire factors causing the low production of food, contaminated water and a countless disorders raising the new problems to which no one is attentive? Sana Ullah Akhtar said water shortages could also lead to inadequate irrigation of cropland and agricultural production might also be impaired by intensive bombing and heavr farm soil as the world experienced during Afghan and Iraq war. He further said the presence of landmines could also render vast areas of productive land unusable. Other speakers including Mubarak Hussain, Dr. Hafiz Mohammad Matie Ullah and Nisar Choudhary while appealing the world nations to play their role to stop the armed conflicts, have counted the causes that led to promote armed conflicts. They said the universe is very vast to conquer and produce human-friendly things. They suggested and appealed to all cognizant leaders of the world to come forward to minimize the poverty, starvation, deprivation and other tribulations from the earth to shut the mouth of conflicts.