AES Lalpir Thermal Power Station, Mehmood Kot has been spreading pollution and various diseases in the region as a “treatment plant is not being used there in violation of the international law”.

Thermal power station produces 725 megawatts of electricity and drains its chemical-mixed water into the Muzaffargarh Canal. As a result, diseases are also being spread in human being and animals with its bad impact on the agricultural land.

The people of Mehmood Kot areas demanded that the human rights organisation and the government should ensure the implementation of international laws concerning the environment at the power station.

When contacted, the power station administration denied the allegations, an dsaid that the main cause of pollution is public and private vehicles.

The officials of Environment Protection Agency, however, said that a case had been filed against the AES Lalpir Power Station due to spreading pollution. The people living in the surroundings are faced with pollution while the Environment Safety Department has data about pollution.