It’s 6:30 am, and your alarm goes off. You open your eyes, and your mind starts battling. Meetings, conference calls, and project deadlines all loom – that’s what a 9 to 5 office job demands in Pakistan. There’s always so much to do and never enough time to get it done.

Keeping this in mind, people, specifically youth, is choosing freelancing as a permanent career. Self-employment is on the rise in Pakistan; there is a huge community of online workers and freelance is providing its services to get themselves explored. Instead of finding jobs, the youth has started to create them.

There are many freelance websites at which people usually work on i.e.

1. Elance

2. ODesk


Youngsters are looking for opportunities to get recruited by big companies like Telenor, Pepsi co and Nestle etc. But there are some people like Saad Khan, who don’t want a boring desk job, choosing to work independently, instead.

“I think currently I am very happy with my work because I don’t have to report to anyone, I can choose to work whenever I want, I can choose to take a day off whenever I want,”  said Saad Khan.


Saad Khan is 23 years old. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and he also works as a freelancer. He usually prefers to work with graphics programming and game development. He has been working as a freelancer for the last 1 year.

Hyba Nawaz, another freelancer, says, “I like to be independent. I do not have to borrow money from anyone, I get everything on my own. I can travel, shop and hang out with friends, so it’s a good feeling and you are not dependent on anyone.”

Hyba is a Freelance content writer at a company descene. She is studying in Kinnaird College. She likes to work independently.

Elance, one of the leading freelancing sites, recently revealed very exciting numbers. As per their statistics, Elance has almost 165,556 registered Pakistani freelancers. The top categories of Pakistani Elancers are in IT and Design. Considering these two types, we can compare Pakistan with the rest of the world.

“You cannot ignore the importance of freelancing in Pakistan. Pakistan has 240,000 freelancers registered with alone and I think that says a lot about the state of Pakistani freelance workers,” Saad Khan said.

Pakistan ranks third in total registered members on Elance; the first two are US and India. In monetary terms, Pakistan is earning 61.5 million dollars in incremental earning so far in IT and Design.

This shows that Pakistani freelancers have so much to earn from freelance and other sites like this.

Hyba Nawaz says, “Pakistan has a big community of freelancers; I outsource them when I am overloaded and incapable to work.”

Business-oriented families want their kids to become a part of their family business, rather than doing jobs or work online, but there are some people who prefer freelancing as a career choice, rather getting into business.

In fact some have started their business through freelancing and some are planning to do so. An individual who is good at handling themselves and is disciplined in his/her work routine has chosen this.

“After gaining enough skills, I have started my own company with the name of ‘Descene’. When I was freelancing, I liked this field so much that I took this up as a career and I also got educated in this field,” said Zohaib Amjad.

He further added, “We usually advertise our jobs on social media and the best kind of recruits we get are those who are studying and are usually in their third year of studies.”

Freelancers in Pakistan have to face many problems while working. Big companies sometimes pay less to Pakistani freelancers. Freelancers here do not get much money as compared to the international market, and sometimes they do not get paid.

Saad Khan says, “It does happen at times that you do not get paid even after having done your work. The main problem that Pakistani freelancers are facing is that we get a very small percentage of money from what the international developers are getting, even though we work night shifts at times because in Europe and US the time zones do not match.”

The same story was repeated by Mr. Zohaib Amjad as well, that sometimes he has to deal with people who do not pay him at all, but by the time he was 22 years, he had learned to cope with such upheavals.

Women in Pakistan never get the chance to return the favors they have received, and as most of them would say, they are caught up in a smog of being unable to give back to their loved ones. Now is a good time to get working online, and the best part is, that they can work as much as they like.

Freelancing is the best way for women to work at home. We live in a society sadly where freedom of speech has not yet taken off. There are some threats women face while working outside. Freelancing is a big opportunity for them to prove and explore their selves, while sitting at home. 

“Ladies, especially students, who have their own laptop should not waste their time and start earning through freelance,” said Hyba Nawaz.

She added “It’s a very good opportunity for those who cannot work outside their home; in fact, I think girls can also work through this platform after getting married and if they are not permitted by their husband to work outside (happens often). This is one medium through which they can make their selves independent while sitting at home.”

Zohaib Amjad, the owner of the company ‘Descene’ says, “I think freelancing is a very good field for women. Even in my company, more than 35% employees are women and for them it’s a great field as they can earn from home.”

Deviating to a freelance-conducive work atmosphere, and consistent quality of work production can launch the name of Pakistan in international market to great heights, while bringing in valuable foreign exchange, which means it can add-on and calm our declining economy and treasury.

“I am doing this because I want to contribute to Pakistan’s economy and I also want to be known as someone who makes or develops games and I also want to enhance my skills. Once I have reached a certain level, I plan to start my own company maybe someday,” Saad Khan said.

The freelance business has the confirmed potential to make the underprivileged, yet skilled, masses self-reliant and a valuable driving force in subsidizing to the country’s overall employment market place and economic sovereignty end-to-end.

Hyba Nawaz says “Freelancing is a blooming field and everyone should join it. Expressly, females should come up and join freelancing because it’s a pronounced opportunity for them to earn at home.

She further adds, “There are so many websites to work on like Elance, Freelance and oDesk; through these websites people can gain the ability to interact with whole world. This will not only help them but also benefit the economy of Pakistan.”

Sitting at home in pajamas, sleeping all day and working all night, with no need to sustain office decorum. Working whenever you want to and wasting time as you wish. And all the while supporting Pakistan’s economy. There’s a lot to like about the all new, unconventional yet very accommodating field of freelancing.