The military once again clarified its position during times of political instability in a press conference on Thursday. The military spokesperson reinforced the army's support for the civilian set up and for playing a positive part in the maintenance of the democracy It is highly appreciable that the army is trying to reinforce such ideas as a lot of political actors in the country are blaming the institution for the upheaval and the ousting of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The spokesperson has clearly stated that the constitution is supreme and it clearly states that a martial law is unconstitutional, which is why it would never be on the cards for Pakistan. However, there are certain aspects of the conference which should be reviewed very carefully.

While the spokesperson reaffirmed the army's support to the civilian government; at the same time he took the liberty to discuss matters which come under the authority of the civilian government and fall completely out of the army's domain. The first was the discussion about the registration of the Milli Muslim League (MML) - an offshoot of Jamaat ud Dawa – and the actions taken by the Election Commission of Pakistan in this regard. The second was the controversial debate regarding the Khatam-e-Nabuwat laws. And last, he addressed the economic instability that Pakistan has been facing in the recent months.

These are undeniably very pressing issues but the military as an institution is not constitutionally given the powers to address them or take part in decision making – as such it should have refrained from talking on these matters at all.

Crucially, these comments completely negate and contradict their own previous statement regarding the non-interfrence. And it is highly unlikely that the person responsible for the military public relations was unaware of the exact effect of his statements and their implications.

At this point in time, when everyone is indulging in the blame game; the army needs to choose its words very carefully and ensure that it is not encroaching into territory which is off bounds.