LOS ANGELES-Paris Hilton’s new range of Paris Hilton Cosmetics was inspired by unicorns and mermaids.

The 36-year-old socialite released an ‘’undercover’’ beauty collection, and the star is set to expand her make-up line and release new products to her eponymous label by the end of this month, which the blonde beauty has revealed was influenced by mythical creatures.

Speaking to E! News about her latest venture, the ‘The Simple Life’ star said: ‘’We just did a soft launch, so I didn’t talk about it before. It was undercover. It’s exciting - every time I sent out the orders, within a day or two, they’ve been completely sold out. ‘’This line is inspired by unicorns, and the next line is inspired by mermaids. It’s all iridescent and holographic with really beautiful packaging. I always loved glitter and, especially now, I’m loving glitter on a whole new level.’’ And the television personality has revealed the next installment will feature a ‘’whole glitter collection’’ because she is ‘’obsessed’’ with sparkly objects.

She added: ‘’For the next collection, we have a whole glitter collection coming out. I’m obsessed with sparkles.’’

Paris has hinted her love of MAC Cosmetics also triggered her to create a range of beauty products, because she wanted to make items that are not as ‘’sticky’’ as the competitor, and are more ‘’comfortable’’ to wear.

Speaking about the criteria for her creations, she said: ‘’That the colour not only looks good but feels good and the texture of it. Like with Mac, I used to be obsessed with the Lipglass, but it was just very sticky. Paris has released over 20 fragrances throughout her career and she has admitted her strong work ethic has been installed in her by her family when she was a child. She said: ‘’Ever since I was a little girl, I was really blessed to grow up in a family that really instilled work ethic into me and made me want at a very young age to be independent, to be a businesswoman, and that’s just something that’s always been through my veins.


So I love now that I’m seeing all these other young women that are coming out with their brands, and makeup, and shoes, or whatever. I love seeing people being creative in that way. I’m all about girl power and being a girl boss, so it’s really cool to see so many of them out there.’’